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It’s important for a church to keep track of its members. In addition to church employees, church members really keep any church going. Church Directory Organizer Deluxe provides a way to do just that: keep track of members. This directory-based software includes a simple interface that anyone will gain a lot of use from.


Users will have to log a good deal of information manually in order to use Church Directory Organizer Deluxe. However, once these details have been added, this program really goes to work organizing people and other bits of information in a nice and efficient manner. There are other church organization programs on the market, but this one is particularly user-friendly.

Main Function

Trying to keep track of church members without a directory is tough. Trying to write down all member names by hand on a piece of paper is tougher. Church Directory Organizer Deluxe makes this task simple. The main purpose of this program is to help churches stay organized. As such, this tool performs very well.

Extra Features

The best feature included in this program is the directory options. Users can create photo, regular, or web directories in order to split church members into convenient categories. Having a number of customization options is always a bonus when it comes to any kind of organizational software.


Church Directory Organizer Deluxe retails for $75. This is not a high price considering all that this program does. To test out the program (always recommended), a free trial (limited) offer does exist.

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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